Welcome to Gioie Belle! If you want to buy write to: shop@gioiebelle.com
Welcome to Gioie Belle! If you want to buy write to: shop@gioiebelle.com
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Contrariè ring

Contrariè Ring

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Contrariè Ring represents love, two entities always together but independent. It's one of the most popular pieces on Gioie Belle. It's made in bronze, brass or silver.

Measures : 53,5 (Italy); 6,75 (US); diameter: 17 mm; finger circumference: 53,5mm

by Quepo, Italy

Each ring on this site has its measure indicate. If you have doubts don't hesitate to contact us. We're also available for exchange in case the size is wrong. Please check this site for measures explanation, I find it very useful


and this page:


and look at this picture on how to measure the INTERNAL diameter of the ring (this is already sufficient for us to tell you if the ring is fine for your finger). Remember that fingers change during the day and seasons (colder, hotter etc.), so a ring could fit well during winter and tighter during summer. That's normal. Again we're happy to help you with making the right choice.


The materials used for these jewels are bronze, brass, Italian silver 925/1000, gold 24 carats. Jewels are already treated with antioxidant and they are all nickel free (if you have a skin allergic reaction it could be to other component of the metal).

All stones are natural and semi-precious or precious, of very high quality.

Everything is hand crafted in Italy.

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