Welcome to Gioie Belle! Enjoy free shipping in US!
Welcome to Gioie Belle! Enjoy free shipping in US!
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About the Founder

I was born in Milan, Italy, one of the most vibrant and creative cities in the world and I've currently been living in San Diego since 2018 after seven exciting years spent in the Bay Area.

I combine my background in engineering and business with my genuine passion for writing, art and design.

Gioie Belle means “Nice jewels” in Italian.

I founded Gioie Belle because I’ve always loved jewelry. Since I was an adolescent I tracked down original and peculiar jewels during my travels, but especially in Italy, my country, where there is a long-time tradition in this field.

Products made in Italy have always been appreciated around the world. Italians were pioneers in the fashion and design business but also in jewelry. On top of the famous Italian brands, there are several artisans and jewelers in Italy who deserve to be recognized abroad too and especially in the US. That's why I decided to import the creations of some of these professionals. I personally select them following my particular tastes. I love the so called “poor metals” like brass, bronze, copper and silver and I love simplicity and quality in every aspect of my life: food, design, style, relationships, and also jewelry.

In my catalog there are pieces with various prices from mid-end to high-end, everything is of the highest quality and handmade with a lot of passion and a great attention to details.

Many of these artisans are women, extremely creative and smart. I inevitably created a strong connection with them. I love their pieces and they reflect their personality.

I’ll add more artists along the way, I love to discover beauty.

A jewel fills you with joy, it carries memories, it makes you feel special.

I hope you’ll enjoy my favorite Gioie Belle!



Me at the first Gioie Belle's sale in Palo Alto, California.