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Sole & Girasole is a brand positioning itself in the high-end Italian costume jewelry market. It was built by two Artisans, mom and daughter, who put their passion and time into creating beautiful jewelry. They are a small reality without a full-time business commitment.

Giada and Simonetta always had a deep passion for jewelry. The interest for their creations is growing constantly. Tradition, love for details, attention to quality, and the search for the best aesthetic result merge in the culture of beauty. Their pieces are permeated by the Italian culture and style and shaped by the two creators' own life experiences. Every single jewel is handmade and carefully tended.

They use Italian silver 925/100, white, golden and pinkish. The stones are all natural, semi-precious and precious of high quality like the crystals which are manually cut. Harmony and chromatic attention are at the basis of these creations.

I fell in love with their jewels, especially the "Petali" collection, that's why I thought that they deserve more visibility in US. I hope you'll appreciate their work.

They are based in the beautiful Tuscany, a region very important to me because my father is from Tuscany and I have deep roots there.