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Behind Quepo there is Silvia Campogiani. Her beautiful little shop is in Milan, my hometown, in a neighborhood very special to me, since I've lived there for 34 years. When I go back to Italy this is the first place I visit. She opened this shop in 1995!

She studied the jewelry art in Milan and Florence and she started collaborations with several designers and artists. Now she makes her own creations in her beautiful little lab.

Quepo is a very interesting brand, its style is really special. Silvia creates pieces mainly in bronze, brass, copper and silver. Every jewel is handmade. I would define her style colorful and trendy. She uses stones a lot, giving color to all her creations. Her earrings, rings, necklaces, bracelets are all different and innovative. They are modern, fresh, and can be worn every day, but if you put them on for a special night they'll make the difference in your style.

Their pieces reflect her personality. She is a mom and a strong woman, very funny and smart.