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Francesca Corradini is currently based in Turin, a beautiful city in the north of Italy. Born in 1973 in Rapallo, Liguria, she has been creating jewels for many years.

Every piece is unique and completely handmade by Francesca. Her technique is cold welding and she still uses ancient tools like hammers, hacksaws, screwdrivers, files, awls, pliers, wire cutters, scissors, sandpaper and cushions full of desert sand.

She creates prototypes without drawing them first, she follows her creativity flows while her hands create stunning wearable sculptures. She is self-taught and loves to work at night. She mainly chooses to create with the so-called poor metals, brass, copper, bronze and silver, but she can also work in gold and platinum. She performs antioxidant treatment to protect the materials and let the jewels remain the same over time.

She is not only a woman and an artist but also a mom, that's why she slowed down her work for a few years to take care of her children and now she is back into a full-time engagement with her creativity and art. She has a glorious past, having sold her jewelry to famous Italian and international public figures. She is already quite well known in Italy and abroad.

I chose to import Francesca's jewels to the US because I believe in the power of her creations. I love to wear every single piece she designs since it's simple yet sophisticated. I know her very well and she is a great woman, sweet and strong. When you wear her jewels you feel empowered and beautiful as every single woman should feel. They also give a very contemporary touch to your style.