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A brief history of the Italian jewelry.

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The Italian Jewelry has a long-standing tradition and it's famous worldwide for the quality of its handmade beautiful creations.

The Torre del Greco district (in Campania) started to become very well-known for the coral processing back in the Roman age, Florence (Tuscany) was the capital of the precious metals working since Renaissance. At the beginning of '900 the Italian artisanal jewels became to be recognized as true art.

After the second world war the Italian jewelry's fame exploded worldwide. Brands like Uno-A-Erre, Afro Basaldella, Franco Cannilla, Nino Franchina, Bulgari emerged.

In the seventies and eighties jewelry become a key component of the daily outfit. Carlo Ciani and Pasquale Bruni become famous from their shop in Valenza (Piemonte), and also Bucellato and Damiani, with their long-lasting iconic creations.

The Italian handmade jewels were so appreciated especially because of their quality and attention to details but also because they were rich in history, art, painting, sculpture, design.

Italy has a peculiar characteristic: the existence of industrial jewelry districts where artisans have been working for generations, producing unique jewels of  refined quality and design: the gold district in Valenza, Vicenza with its luxury jewelry brands, Arezzo and the region Campania from Naples to Torre del Greco.

After a recent crisis in the jewelry market the Italian artisanal jewelry industry adapted to the new trends and consumer needs and still offers an undisputed glamour worldwide, thanks to its unique and long-lasting features: design, quality, experience, culture, appeal.


Picture: Le Jeweler by Felice de Nigris.